Chaffhaye, a premium chopped and bagged alfalfa product, is one of the recent additions to our product lineup
that has been growing in popularity. Chaffhaye was founded of developing a consistent feed product that could
accommodate the needs of consistent animal forage in the '20s. Today, Chaffhaye, a family-owned business located in Dell City, Texas, has become the leading producer of premiumfresh chopped, bagged forage in the U.S. Their goal is to cultivate and produce the finest all-natural forage porduct on the market.
Chaffhaye can improve digestion and maximize overall gut health of horses, ruminants, deer, chicken, rabbit,
camelid and other exotic animals. Chaffhaye is also beneficial for household pets. Not only do animals love the taste, but ownersacross the country are raving about the improved health of their animals. Crude fiber is imperative to healthy digestion.  Chaffhaye boasts 23% of crude fiber which decreases instances of diarrhea and colic as well as increases movement in the gut. Chaffhaye holds 20% crude protein and 65% total digestible
nutrients in dry form, helping build growth and endurance.
Once opened the Chaffhaye should be consumed within 7-10 days. After those 7-10 days, it is not as fresh and starts to lose nutritional value.




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